SECURE PAYMENT offers two methods of payment:


Your PayPal your financial information is never shared.
PayPal protects and encrypts your credit card number and information.
Pay online by showing only your email address and your Paypal password.

With Hipay:

Hipay Wallet ultra-secured service Hipay Wallet and ensuring maximum safety
Data Encryption: Encryption and secure payment card numbers avoiding any risk of diversion.
Banking transactions with SSL - Secure Socket Layer - confidentiality of bank information and secure transactions.

Data Privacy: No transfer of personal data to merchant sites. Anonymity respected.
Anti-piracy system identification via a virtual keyboard: Safety of enhanced access.
Session timeout: after being idle for 30 minutes, necessary to re-identificate.
If abnormal activity: Blocking of the account and setting up an investigation.
Phishing protection: anti-phishing key required at registration to verify that 'HiPay wallet is the sender of each match. Possible change at any time.

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